School is Never Going to Not Be Garbage

As someone in their last year of societies “training” and by training i mean mode of control. I believe I have the right to sound off my opinion on the school system as a whole. Let me tell you something that will come at no surprise, it’s the most fucked up thing since raised gas prices. It has no more substance than a toddlers words and the whole learning aspect of it must have been lost on the drawing board. School is the world’s worst put together trivia game. Everyone takes the same tests on the same shit, as if the U.S. never fought any wars with communism. It’s kind of a joke people say to never give up on your dreams, when school holds you back years from even getting started on your dreams. I realized what I wanted to do at a young age, and I’ve had more luck than most with accomplishing those dreams, but I’m still far from them, and the worst part is, I know for a fact school has done nothing to help these dreams. It locks you in a box for 8 hours a day, multiply that by 5x a week and add on all the work and stress that comes with, and you have one of the most unproductive, structure oriented programs in the world. Doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are, if it doesnt show up on paper, your smarts are as valuable as the sand between the grips on my boots. There is no winning, once you get your diploma, the only change is scenery and all of a sudden your paying for the imprisonment. Logically it makes no sense. If we are all unique, and we all have dreams and passions, we should spend 8 hours a day, 5x a week doing what were good at, or improving a skill we want to be good at. That is literally the fool proof method for success and school is knowingly holding people back. Let’s face it, it would be really bad for big Government if every one of their citizens had a honed in skill. School puts a dampener on any learning curve, cause the amount of time you spend geeking it up, is wasted time at achieving your passion. Getting knowingly fucked by a country that is suppossed to be free genuinely hurts. My back side has been sore for the 12 years i’ve spent in school. I’m more than happy to leave. Don’t ever give me the argument that school gives you the tools for life, cuz let’s face it. I have the tool for life in my pocket. If I need to know how to measure the circumference of a circle or how to file a tax return, I’ll look it up and have your answer faster than anything that can be taught in school. It’s ridiculous and it’s hours of my life and many others’ lives they will never get back. If anyone wants to be a good athlete, they can be, except they have to expect joint problems from sitting in a class room for hours on end during the peak years of physicality for them. I’ve stated my opinion and stating my opinion has made me even more heated than I was before, not to get too religious, but the Bible says to watch out for deception, as it is all around (Paraphrased). I’m looking at that deception straight in the face, and I ain’t even flinching. Wake up America! Stop wasting my time... and everyone else’s. It’s depressing, ridiculous and in the words of a very disrespected teacher of mine, “flat out annoying.”


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