Why am I Here

A few months ago, I'd be writing something with a completely different under tone. I was at the peak of my social depression and I had just come to terms with the fact I'd have to move on from my old ways of life indefinitely. It's funny the way life works. You get put in places at just the right time, things happen at just the right place, and your whole perspective on life changes. I went from being this kid with no real sense of direction, having all the tools at his disposal with no way to use them, to a kid with a plan. I took two months off of Youtube (my job at the time), 3 months off of major series surf contests (WSA) and lots of mental time off from reaching any goals. What did I come up with in this time? A sort of personal plan. One where I can connect everything I do to one place. This website will act as a central HUB for all of the things I do. Things that built me a rapid, growing fan base of a few thousand people. It was during this time I took a break from everything, that I feel I discovered myself. I met people I can call true friends, a title up until this point only held by a select few. I started surfing like me again, not like a pressured young grom with the weight of the world on his shoulders.  I realized I can do my own thing. I felt up until this point I wasn't anything in the surfing world unless I was placing in every surf contest. I felt like there was no reason I shouldn't be reaping the benefits of my refined skills on a wave and my recently acquired flair above the lip. Now we are gonna sort of veer off topic but thats the beauty in this sort of thing. I sorta just came to the realization, there are tons of surfers like me. Tons of surfers who put in 110% towards their wave skill, only to see it show up in their free surfing and not in a competition jersey. As we get back on track, that is why this site exists. I am in that sub-category of surfer that wants to showcase his skills, but can't use contests as a reliable outlet. Ya, I've had results here and there, but here results don't matter. This is my outlet. You guys are the judges, and the surfing isn't meant to drop a perfect heat here, but only to entertain.


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