Coffee... Legal Cocaine

I have recently discovered the salvation to all my problems... Coffee. Yeah, I fucking know, tons of people drink it and can't function without it. I drank it a lot in middle school, but considering my phobia of public bathrooms... you see where I'm going with this. I became a tea drinker. I suppose caffinated tea is a good alternative, however, the energy takes forever to hit and it lasts for about a minute and some change. I am starting to figure out how to work coffee into my daily routine and all the fancy side effects that come with it. I guess you can point out all the "health" concerns most censor happy parents try to engrave into the minds of society. There's also a few scientists who bag on it, but I'm active about 90% of my day so I like to exclude myself from most of those "health" statistics. Coffee has actually boosted my social well being and gives me that fast buzz to wake up my senses every morning. I definitely paddle faster in the water and it will become my secret weapon in surf contests. Here comes speedy gonzales WSL.


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