Road To Gold

I'm trying to start taking this whole competing thing more seriously. With a few big contests looming in my future, instead of letting lazyness and procrastination eat my soul, I'm gonna get ahead. I always feel like I'm super far ahead of all my goal, but i work as if I am behind. I could be wrong about this, and if I am, this new training schedule will put me in the right. Recently, I went to sleep before the night of a big contest for my school (league champs) thinking, "you have to win this." That morning, I won the contest. I felt I had to win, because my whole goal is to be on the USA primes next year, and that seemed like a hard goal, when I couldn't get past a 7th on the WSA. I felt, if I couldn't be the best in my region, I couldn't be the best on the tour. I surprised myself winning, but with that, proved to myself I was capable of surfing at a higher level. Me taking this more seriously means creating an actual surf centered schedule. I used to think if I took day breaks in between surfing, it would get my hype level to the extreme to surf the next day. However, all it did was create gaps in learning new stuff. My new schedule seems a bit more fitting for a competitive surfer. Monday, morning surf with school team and after school surf wherever the waves are BEST. Tuesday, surf BEST waves. Wednesday, surf in morn with school team and surf after school where waves are BEST. Thursday, same as tuesday. Friday, same as wednesday and at night if I'm not too tired, I will allow myself to hang with friends. Saturday, I have to surf early in the morn where the waves are BEST and force myself to surf my best. Sunday = Recovery and if I surf it has to be a mellow surf with no pressure. Simple schedule right? If you think it can help you out, go try it. See how your body feels when sunday hits. It works. Having ossilating 2 a day surfs and 1 a day surfs with a weekend of fun is all it takes to bring your surfing to the next level.


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