A New Hungrier Me

I've gone through a series of change in my surfing. I had this shift in views on the sport that my style and view of a wave is almost remodelled. I started watching older videos and videos of new school guys like Ryan Burch doing old school "tricks." These videos inspired me into doing something new with my surfing. I've been digging this used board my friend gave me. It's got a lot of thickness and width for a 5'6" and its got good rocker and a v-tail. It's also sprayed black so you know it means buisiness. Any way, riding this board has opened the door to me experimenting with other used boards. A semi-good surfer ripping on an everymans kind of board would make a good series. So that's what i'm doing. Watch out for the first episode coming soon, starring the board I pose with in this pic.


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