Surf Sharkpocalypse

I hate having to write this, but these are troubling times in the kingdom. We have had shark sightings in way higher numbers then usual. Just a few days ago there were 15+ sharks spotted by Poche, a place I have a contest at in a week. This boom in sharks has already claimed two victims within a month. Everyone is talking about it. Many are still surfing. I'm still surfing. Why? The odds of a shark attack are still low. To my understanding, sharks aren't trying to eat people. It's just a wrong place at the wrong time sort of thing. However, I have still been having this nightmare scenario play out in my mind. Shark population grows too fast, too many shark attacks, scaring the population of surfers out of the water, thus commencing the Surfing Apocalypse. This probably will not happen and I'm hopeful like the seasons, #sharkpark will vanish. But until then remain calm, and don't swim with any open wounds...


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