Why I Love My Friends...

This is gonna be something a bit different. It's gonna be a love letter to my friend group. You go to High Schools and you see many different groups of people... cliqués. Come try and find find my friend group. You wouldn't be able to find all of us. Why? Unlike most friend groups, at this age, we are non-school exclusive. Our network of friends spans accross every school in the area, we even have people from farther away schools, out of the general vicinity of our school district. The crazy thing about this group, is we all know each other, and we are all pretty close. It's like a super friend group. It sounds unbelievable, so I understand if you are skeptical. Step through the outside view of the group, and you will find talent. Everyone in the group has something they are good at. Whether, it's photography, doing backflips competitively, creating films, being funny, passionately investing their time in "extracurricular activities," or... ahem... surfing, the list goes on. It is a diverse group, it is a fun group, and it is a knowledgeable group. Don't know where I'd be without them. I don't think there is a group of people more determined to accomplish their individual goals as well as helping others in the group. With that, I leave you with a few questions. How can you create this mutually beneficial friendly relationship among peers? Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? --NG


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