Why You Suck at Surfing

Suck is a harsh word... as stated by society. However, the individual should choose to put the meaning into a word. There are probably more things you suck at then things you're good at. Me, for example, I suck at everything that I don't do everyday, or at least frequently. Where am I going with this? Let's move back to the title at hand. The reason you suck at surfing is simple, you don't do it everyday. Obviously, there are more reasons that are way more complex and personal. They are tailored to the individual, but one truth, is that if your not out everyday, or at least every other day, if you don't treat the past time like an NFL player treats their practice, then your not gonna be good at it. It's simple as that. I surf everyday, the guys I compete against surf everyday. The guys I hop in the water surf every weekend. The reason for this skill gap is due to a thing called muscle memory. Your muscles are trained to do certain things, kind of like natural reflexes. Our muscles are not like our minds though. They have Alzheimer's. If I go as many as three days without surfing, I can feel the muscle memory loss. Imagine only Surfing once a week. Exactly. I know many people have real lives and can't fit surf into their daily routine. And some are fine being mediocre surfers, and there really is nothing wrong with them, as long as they are having fun. But for those in the gray area, frustrated by your surfing, think to yourself, "am I, REALLY, surfing enough." This is a sport about dedication. I'm easily at the beginning of my surfing life, after 10 years. There are guys who have 6x the amount of experience as me, and they will be the first to tell you... stick with it. The more time you put in, the more psyched up you get to surf all conditions, the better off you will be. Sorry if I offended anyone as that wasn't the goal, but only a side effect of our modern "butt hurt society." Sue Me...


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