Why Every Surfer Should Cycle

Cycling, the epitome of tighg clothing and O.C.D., the surfers ally? Yes, you read that right. The answer to that question is more straightforward than you were thinking. Why is riding a bicycle so beneficial to surfers? It increases your leg power significantly, obviously. When you surf, you do get a full body workout, however, the main part of your body reaping the benefits of time spent in the water is unsurprisingly the upper body. Ya, you do use your legs to surf, but surfing is only a small part of the activity as a whole. You spend way more time paddling around then you do standing on your legs, for the few seconds you do spend riding a wave. Cycling is that missing piece to the puzzle that will bulk up your legs and get you doing Mick style power carves in no time. As someone whos main form of transportation is a bike, just take it from me. Say good bye to unsuccessful huntington hops and hello to bigger turns and more speed to punt big airs. If you cycle, you are getting the workout your arms get when you surf, but in ur legs. Even distribution of muscle is something every athlete craves, surfers have one of the easiest ways to do so.


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